Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My friends had their first snow of the year! I am terribly jealous! I can't wait for the first snow here so that I can chase the sledders down the hill like I did last year or go on snowy hikes with Mommy and Daddy. Those are the best times!! Once we went on a hike and I had to protect them from an evil scarecrow... Mom caught my heroics on video, I'll get her to post it on You Tube for all to see!

But the overall bestest best part about snow is that I get to work on my "snow beard"!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My parents are currently very proud of themselves for 'winning' Battle Cat Food... Mom has even taken the chance to tell the world on her blog.... But I am posting to let them know that they may have won the fight but they haven't won the war... I still have some trickery sheltie moves up my sleeves and I have plenty of time at Dogwood Acres to discuss plans of attack with my fellow doggie friends... you haven't heard the last from me! You've been warned!
*love you mom and dad!* :o)
I have a busy week coming up, I am having my photos done on Friday! Mom also says I am getting a bath that day... ewww!!! But I will be sure to smile pretty for the camera, and maybe even come up with another awesome photo to put on my profile. We shall see. But I will make sure that my photo appears front and center in our Christmas cards... so be on the lookout for them! I KNOW they will be in there because how could my parents exclude such a beautiful boy like me from the cards?? hmmm? That's right! They can't cause I am too cute!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Since our friend The Evolutionary Pyschologist posted her Christmas Wish List I felt the need to post mine. I certainly hope that Santa Paws will read this so that he will know what I want... I been such a good sheltie this year!

Shetland Sheep : Yes, the real critters. I am a sheepdog you know and how can I reach my full potential without sheep for me to herd? They are darn cute too, just like myself! A small herd would be nice, then I could practice my skills and wow the world with my herding prowess. The one small problem with this Christmas wish is that sheep aren't good condo dwellers and I don't know if Mommy and Daddy would be able to convince the condo board that the sheep would make better grass mowers than the landscapers that already work here... so I guess I would be willing to settle for one of these adorable plush sheepies.

Greenies: We all know what these are! I LOVE THEM!! I would bark with joy if a greenie or two found its way into my Christmas Stocking!

Chuck It Toys: They aren't just ball throwers any more! They have a line of plush Chuck It toys....and I think they are great! I already have two sizes of the non-plush chuck it squirrel but I would love to welcome the plush version to my toy basket! The boomerang looks totally awesome too!

Tug Toys: I love to play tug, so if its a toy that says you can play tug with it then I am all about it! Bring 'em on!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Greenies, greenies what a wonderful treat!
They're a green toothbrush and their fun to eat!
The more I eat the better I feel, I should have Greenies for every meal!
Ya'll know you liked my poetry :o) But probably not as much as I love my Greenies, Mom started giving them to me to help clean my toothies and keep them peary white. I don't know how something that is green could keep my teeth white but they taste yummy delicious and so I think I'll play along.
I was a bit worried earlier this week when Mommy mentioned to Daddy that they had redesigned Greenies. I mean why change a good thing?! Then a free Greenies sample came in the mail and it was Mmmm! Mmmm! Good! Any difference in taste? Don't really think so. The shape is a bit different and they are a smidge chewier... Mom says thats for better teeth cleaning. That's nice and all but all I care about is taste and that didn't change, so its all good. I'll leave the Greenie designing up to the experts but because I always like to put in my two cents on subjects that affect me I would like to offer one piece of sheltie sensible advice: Play with the shape all you want but don't change the taste!
That being said, I'm feelin' a craving for a Greenie coming on right now....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cats are such odd creatures, especially when compared to us dogs. I've been told that shelties exhibit some cat-like behaviors and I am shocked by that statement! Me, Stormy, exhibiting CAT-like behaviors?! I think not! How dare anyone compare me to a cat cat cat and say I imitate their behaviors! So what if I swat at toys when I jump at them and sleep on the sofa in the sunshine, those are dog behaviors and obviously the cats are trying to emulate us dogs!

My sister is a cat cat cat and she's alright I guess... for a cat that is. I mean she is cool cause we have wrestling matches every night when Mommy gets home and thats great fun. And she also can get up on the countertops and shove neat things off for me to pick through to see if anything is "fetch worthy." Most of the time she plays with twist ties and I find those things useless. I mean whats the point? They don't squeak like some of my stuffies and you definitely can't play tug with them. And yet, as proof of her oddness, she will play with those things for hours... why? I don't know but a sheltie like me would NEVER do that cause twist ties are borrrrring!!!!!

Another thing that makes cats odd is their obessesion with staring out windows. Maddie will lay on her perch and just stare out the window, all the while wasting prime wrestling time! Alright, so maybe I am napping during that time but we still could be playing if she would just stop! I mean I'll jump up on my lookout spot to check to see if our really cool neighbor Ashley is coming home or to scan the parking lot for the sneaky stray cat cat cats that try to invade my territory but I just dont see what she sees in doing it for hours. Guess thats cause I'm, thankfully, not a cat but an adorable sheltie dog! I wouldn't be me if I was a cat cat cat!

And sometimes after one of her staring bouts she'll turn around and her eyes will be all wide and her tail will be wagging (Mommy says its lashing, I say its wagging) and she'll stare the walls. There's nothing there but she'll creep across the room and try to get up as high as possible to find whatever it is... wierdo. And she likes boxes, just like Daddy, though Daddy stores stuff in boxes and Maddie stores herself...for me a box is too much like a crate. I have no interest in boxes unless they contain cool things to sniff. And besides if she likes hiding in boxes and sometimes the paper shredder, why does she make such horrible noises when she has to ride in her crate? I mean its the same concept- an enclosed, sometimes dark space! See... she's ODD!

Maddie is a cat. Maddie is odd. Therefore, due to the transitive property, cats are odd!

My point has been proven so I will go back to playing chase and being the lovable, irresistable fluff of a pup that Mommy says I am. Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Welcome to my blog! To get this party started I thought I would offer my sheltie views on the topic of rainfall, most importantly to cruel manner in which us dogs are made to walk out in the rain. Our owners justify it by saying us dogs are bred to do it... well one day all Newfies, Labradors and Shelties will unite and there will be no more going out in the rain- at least without an umbrella :o)

All kidding aside, dog owners don't assume we like the rain just cause our relatives way, way back when liked it... maybe they didn't have a choice in the matter! I heard the first shelties were left on the islands along with the sheep and left to fend for themselves and forage for food. Oh the drama! I wouldn't survive without my Greenies! Besides, as I responded to a post regarding my friend Katy the Newfie's dislike of rain, we much prefer playing in people bath water (but not taking a bath!) to rain drops that go pitter patter on our heads! I myself prefer to spend rainy days cuddled up on Daddy's side of the bed, head propped on his pillow snoozing....

Then again, there are those days when its misting rain and a breeze ruffles my fur and I strike my regal sheltie pose and pretend I am doing what shelties were bred to do... standing guard over the flocks of Shetland Sheep. I sniff the air, scan the horizon... and madly chase a plane that is attempting to land in our condo complex, not a single one has invaded our territory since I've arrived! Mommy and Daddy don't know what they are talking about when they say those planes are making their approach to BWI Airport... thats just something designed to fool people. Us shelties know whats up and those planes ain't landing when I'm on watch! And all the while the parentals stand out in the drizzly rain and get soaked (can you say payback for puppy days? hehe)
Bark! Bark!

I've decided to create my blog to give people a chance to see the world from a sheltie point of view!

So hang on for the ride, cause I have a lot of sheltie sense to share!