Thursday, May 31, 2007

I've been Furminated! I'm a sheltie, I shed a lot. Yea so I leave clumps of fur on the carpet sometimes, but so does the cat!! Mom has been doing some research on deshedding brushes... she bought a knockoff brand from Bed, Bath & Beyond last year to put in Maddie's Christmas stocking and it worked fairly well but not as well as she had hoped. Well she graduated to the Furminator- the original deshedding tool. It arrived in an box yesterday (they have the cheapest prices on Furminators & free shipping!) and Mom decided to try it out on me. In about 45 minutes we groomed a little over half my body and the picture below shows what we accomplished... Mom's happy and I'm happy because my coat is a bit lighter, cooler and a good bit more shiny! Bark! Bark!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Still waiting on results from my final classes in the Virtual Sheltie show... I hope I win some ribbons even if they are electronic ones. At least electronic ones can be posted on my blog! My Rally Obedience ribbons are hanging on the "Sheltie Wall of Fame" in Mom and Dad's office. Not only am I the subject of a newspaper article, I also have my own Wall of Fame! How sweet is that?! My ribbons, and my certificates for my Canine Good Citizen and Rally Novice titles along with Basic Obedience diploma all hang on that wall with my Qualifying Ribbons, a "win" photo from the day I earned my first Rally title and a pair of sheltie prints. Neat, huh? I must be special or something...

Speaking of somethings- it's Memorial Day weekend! That means a trip to the Shore to visit the grandparents, my cousins and the rest of my family! And that always lots of fun! Last time I went to the farm I got to play with the horse and go down the slide with my cousins. They think I'm super cool and they share their chicken nuggets and cookies with me :o)I hope that everyone has a great weekend planned for themselves that involves at least some sort of fun activity.

You can bet this little sheltie has big adventures coming down the road...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Celebrity Sheltie?

I guess that means all the "chicks" will recognize me now...

I sent a letter to the local paper and next thing you know I'm the subject of an entire article! How cool is that?! I personally think its super way cool. Mom says she's working on linking it to my page here, so that all my friends can read it.

So what's up in my world? As mentioned in the article I won best dancing dog at the MRE's Dog Day Afternoon! Talk about a barking good time, but I can't take all the credit for my dancing skills... I learned them at Greenbelt Dog Training! Yup! I took obedience classes there (loved them too!) and once I graduated from basic obedience I started taking Canine Freesyle classes. You should try it sometime! Bark! Bark!

And... I found out that I won a ribbon in the Virtual Sheltie Show for a photo I submitted from the MRE Bridge Run! Check it out right here! I'm entered in a couple more classes in that show... so I'll keep you posted on the results!

The article also enlightened me to the fact that Maddie Cat is a gasp! CAT! Yipes! My sister is a cat! Wait a minute... I knew that... she just isn't a "catcatcat" so she's cool to hang out with, aside from being my big sister and all. The article asked if Maddie Cat joins me at my cat lookout post... as a matter of fact she does and I've got photographic proof! Here we are keeping watch over our domain from our lofty lookout perch... talk about an awesome team! Not much gets by us!

We even have a team uniform- black and white!

And For those of you who wanted You Tube Videos... You got 'em!

Maddie & I Wrestling...

Dancing Skills!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Who wants to be the first to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me?
Cause today- I'm Three!!
Mom and I celebrated my birthday this morning with a trip to Chick-fil-A for Tater Rounds & a Chicken Mini sammich. Tonight, Pop's and I are gonna have a guy's night and hang out on the deck and drink beers (I have a new brew to try out- its called Bowser Beer, bet it's AWESOME!).
Bark! Bark!