Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Carolinas....

Mom, Pops and I travelled to the Carolinas to watch some b-ball and visit family and friends. What a great trip it was! I had a blast, I got to see my cousin Jasmine... I haven't seen her since January, right before she moved South. Here we are hanging out under her new deck after a great game of chase.

She has an AWESOME yard to play in, there are woods to play in and explore. All sorts of good things for us to sniff and its fenced in for us! It's pretty much awesome, they even built trails so Mom and Pops and the rest of my family can wander through the woods with us! It was so so cool!
Made me kinda want to live in North Carolina... then it got HOT and I haven't shed my winter coat. That changed my mind real quick... Maryland isn't so bad after all.... spring shouldn't hurry like it does in the South and us shelties like it that way. Maybe I would have liked it better if I had been furminated. Gotta tell Mom to work on that!

We also went kayaking while we were there! The weather was super warm and Mom even got a little sunburn- should've worn sunblock! Here we are out in the lake...
The weather was so warm and the water was so cool that I couldn't resist taking a dip. Ahhh.... the water feels SO GOOD! We didn't limit our fun to North Carolina... We went to South Carolina too! Talk about travelling sheltie! There I had a reunion with my buddy Cujo!!! I haven't seen him in FOREVER! We made up for lost time with a great game of tug with his March Madness brother....He'll be visiting our place in May! YAY!!!

I also met something really WIERD this weekend, something I've never seen before. But I was braved and sniffed it.. that something was a ball python!!
What an awesome trip!