Monday, April 30, 2007

Fluff = Fun
Therefore, more fluff = more fun!
That's sheltie math and that's awesome! This is one tired little sheltie typing to you today, my fluffy self spent the weekend spreading sheltie love across two counties in good old Maryland. First, we went back to my puppy stomping grounds, University of Maryland, I was welcomed back with lots of pats, back stratches, hugs and part of a hot dog. Man was life good.
I represented University of Maryland as an honorary ambassador for the College of Ag and wowed some of the crowd with my tail chasing and spinning skills. They were way impressed. I almost nabbed some little kid's lollipop but Mom caught me... dang! I was feeling the need for some sugar! The chicks were digging me on Saturday too, those sorority girls can't resist coming to spend some time with a dog like me... must be my beautiful brown eyes....
My boy Cujo came for an overnight visit that night, we had a grand time playing chase and stealing chewies from each other. We were up bright and early on Sunday to hit the park for the Walk for the Animals. Time to pour out some more of that sheltie charm... I came home with a whole tote bag of toys, treat samples and a bandanna from my most favorite playplace EVER - Dogwood Acres. Yup, I was sporting the hunter green bandanna. I was representing my peeps from Dogwood Acres, especially my man Batman. I was looking good. Life was good! The whole weekend was AWESOME!
And the best part??
Mom snagged me some doggie beer to sample on my birthday- I'll be legal on Wednesday you know... 3 dog years = 21 people years!
Bark! Bark!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life is good in my Sheltie World!
The weather is warming up and though that means non-sheltie friendly weather (hot and humid) is just around the corner but I don't care cause its warm and warm weather means lots more adventures! This Sunday we are headed to the SPCA's Walk for the Animals, if you're there look for the prancing tri-colored sheltie accompanied by a sable sheltie pup and a silky terrier and that will be me! Yup, I'm introducing my sheltie friend Joey and my terrier friend Cujo to the funness of the SPCA Walk... wonder if they'll hop in the doggie pool with me??
Last weekend was the first blast of warm air and I celebrated by falling into the frog pond thats by my grandparent's house. We were out with on a walk with my cousin Christopher and there was this frog sitting on the bank so I just HAD to sniff him. Well he made a funny noise and jumped in the water and I leaned just a little too far over the edge looking for him.... plop! Soaked sheltie!
Mom laughed at me but it was so not funny... I got my payback when she had to ride back to Naptown with a sheltie that smelled like a frog! Ha ha ha!
Paybacks are heck though cause on Tuesday she made me take a bath at daycare.... booo! But I do like how soft and shiny my fur is now!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What a great comic! A sheltie favorite!