Sunday, September 30, 2007

My sister is fat...Maybe we should start calling her Maddie Fat instead of Maddie Cat!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mom and I are in The Great KC for the weekend. The Fall weather has arrived and I am loving life! Yesterday a stiff breeze was blowing, so I did my best sheltie pose. This is what I bet I would look like if I lived on the Shetland Isles and had my own herd of shetland sheep.
Mom also took a couple of closeups in the car, she said they showed how cute I am and show my beautiful brown eyes (brown eyes that will melt your heart & make you hand over some people food!)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sorry that I haven't written in a while but MY DADDY CAME HOME!! YAY!! He came back from the desert outpost of Washington and the wilds of Oregon just to see me! And it made me so happy! No more pouting on my window perch... its time to play tug and bark and play ball! My Daddy is the bestest EVER!
Wanna know something else that is super way cool about Daddy coming home? I got to go to the airport! Yup! Mommy and I went to meet him at the airport and I got to go inside the terminal. It was my first ride on a moving walkway and an escalator. They are such interesting things... we were moving without moving our legs. I stared intently at the floor while we rode on it... those escalator stairs are way different than the ones in our condo. Though they would be nice after a hard playday at daycare- I wouldn't need to expend any more energy to get to the top! After the escalator fun we found Pops in baggage claim, we didn't stay long though cause my feets weren't allowed to touch the floor inside the terminal. Mom was told that if they did the police would escort us out... so I had to content myself by snoozing on the ground outside by the taxi stand (its noisy out there, how's a guy supposed to get some shut eye?) and leaving "nose smears" on the terminal windows people watching while Daddy got his bag...

Before I sign off here's the pic of the trip... Daddy and his BIG TRUCK. I think its missing something. And that particular something is a sheltie in the window!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Daddy is leaving me...

I watched him take out his suitcase, pick out his clothes and start to pack his bag. I tried to be a stowaway but he caught me...I thought I had hidden myself well enough, but I guess not. Maybe I should have covered myself up with more clothes...

Then I was excited when I saw him pack two dog toys and maybe I get to go! But my hopes came crashing down when he told me those toys were for my Pup Pals Katy and Max out in Walla Walla. Pout, I don't get to go. But Katy and Max be ready for some AWESOME toys! I helped picked them out and they are super cool!

So I have resigned myself to my fate. While Daddy is out in Imnaha, OR doing this :

I will be stuck back here in Maryland doing this:

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We'll go cruisin' together...
Mom, Pops and I went on a Watermark Cruise of the Chesapeake Bay's Lighthouses. It was a pretty neat little cruise- the best part was that I got to go. I must have been pretty special too cause I was the only doggie on board :o)
Here's a quick photo display of our Labor Day adventure...

Here we are about to leave City Dock... I am keeping watch as everyone boards the ship...
Here's Mom and I looking out across the Chesapeake Bay, you wouldn't believe how many boats were out there! Sheltie Captains were in high demand... they were lucky to have me aboard!The wind was in my fur... Life Was Good!

But being a Sheltie Captain is hard work... so one must include naptime on their adventures! Here we are back at City Dock with the ship... it was a great day... can't wait to go cruisin' again!

Note From The Mommy Person: We were THRILLED with how well the cruise went. Everyone at Watermark was super nice, they welcomed Stormy aboard and seemed happy to have him there. The same could not be said from some of our fellow cruisers, they looked less than thrilled at the prospect of having to share an afternoon with a dog on a ship. I am happy to report that Stormy showed them what a joy a well behaved dog is. If he wasn't looking at the sights, he was asleep either at our feet, on the bench seat or under the bench seat right by an air vent (smart sheltie!). We had at least 8 -10 people come up and tell us how well behaved he was and how they couldn't believe how quiet he was (those of us who have/know shelties, know how awesome that comment was!). One lady even took his picture :o) What a great way to spend our day!