Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So Mom and Dad bought me a new treat this past weekend, it was called the Pedigree Super Chew. Sounded yummy enough and according to the package it was "the healthy, long-lasting chew with a delicious outer layer and rich meaty center dogs love. Unlike tennis shoes and table legs, PEDIGREE® Super Chew is a treat that’s highly digestible and nutritionally complete." Can't get much better than that right? Mom and Dad figured they'd get me the large dog one, so it would last me longer. Looking back it was a bad idea but the directions aren't clear. I consumed the whole thing in one night. Should I have used restraint? Probably but it was so, so yummy!

Anyway, I got an upset tummy. Very upset tummy and have been dealing with such for the last three days... granted I snacked on some "unmentionables" at the barn while visiting Buttercup so that is probably to blame as well. BUT- the whole deal started with this Super Chew and I wanted to get the word out that you should follow the package directions... just like you should for Greenies!

As for me, there will be no more sampling of Super Chews or their cousins the Pedigree Jumbones (I throw up everytime I eat those, even when Mom follows the package directions or even gives me less than recommended!) So remember- read those packages!! Mommy and I learned our lesson!

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