Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Daddy is leaving me...

I watched him take out his suitcase, pick out his clothes and start to pack his bag. I tried to be a stowaway but he caught me...I thought I had hidden myself well enough, but I guess not. Maybe I should have covered myself up with more clothes...

Then I was excited when I saw him pack two dog toys and maybe I get to go! But my hopes came crashing down when he told me those toys were for my Pup Pals Katy and Max out in Walla Walla. Pout, I don't get to go. But Katy and Max be ready for some AWESOME toys! I helped picked them out and they are super cool!

So I have resigned myself to my fate. While Daddy is out in Imnaha, OR doing this :

I will be stuck back here in Maryland doing this:

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Simba said...

awww, Stormy...your dad will be home soon!! Just think..he might bring you back some pawesome new toy!!! :o)