Friday, December 08, 2006

Brrr!!! It's gotten quite chilly around here in Maryland. They said there were supposed to be flurries last night, but we didn't see any. Oh well... there's still plenty of winter left and I'll be happy so long as I get the chance to romp in the snow at least once this year! I was a happy sheltie when I walked outside last night, happy that I had my thick furry coat to keep me warm! The ground was a bit cold on my feets but I could handle it.
Bring on the cold weather Old Man Winter!! This sheltie is ready for it!
The parentals on the other hand are not so thrilled to be out in the windy cold! Last night was one of those great sheltie nights when the wind is blowing, the wind is cold and exciting scents are in the air! They told me to hurry up but I got to meander anyway cause we had to trek to the mailbox... hehe.

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