Monday, December 18, 2006

Tell Santa Paws that I have been a VERY good sheltie this year, especially when compared to the Maddie Cat who has been knocking ornaments off the tree and chewing on the branches. What she does that for is beyond me... its not real! It doesn't even smell real, I gave it the sniff test and it failed the pine scent sniff test miserably... But she does it anyway.... oh well, I guess thats why Mommy and Daddy refer to her as Crazy Kitty. I can't believe that it doesn't have anything to do with her early morning windsprints through the condo and her freakish staring at blank walls... but she's my sister and even if she is spashul I still love her.
But back to the task at hand... for those last minute shoppers or early birthday shoppers (my birthday is May 2!) I have an awesome gift idea- squirrels! Yes they have these fun little squirrels stuffed in a tree trunk that you are supposed to pull out. A perfect job for a sheltie like me, I have the nose for it! It even says you can stuff some of my favorite treats inside for even more fun!! How cool is that?! Just a hint!

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