Sunday, December 16, 2007

Limp Diagnosis

So... remember that limp that I told ya'll about in my Mystery Solved post? Well, turns out I spoke too soon. It came back :o(

So it was off to vet's office again so that they could take another look at my leg. After a complete physical exam and a round of x-rays it was determined that I have a defect in my shoulder along with a little bit of arthritis in ankle. Arthritis at 3? What's up with that? So I was sent home with orders to take baby aspirin whenever my leg flares up and Mom was told to watch me to make sure it doesn't get any worse. They are also sending my x-rays up to Penn to have their orthopedists take a look to see if there is anything else of concern.

This afternoon Mom placed an order for Joint Care Supplements from Dr. Foster and Smith's catalog that hopefully will help make my joints happy again.

1 comment:

Simba said...

Awww, Stormy, dude, sorry to hear about your limpy limb!

I hope the joint supplement works for you!!!