Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sheltie Love is Spreading!

My popularity is spreading, no longer am I just known around daycare and the doggie park... people at the University of Maryland know me!! Here's an excerpt of a Gmail Chat session my Mommy had this morning...

Mommy's Friend: i met the grandmother of one of the people takes care of stormy!
Mommy: haha
no way
Mommy's Friend: yeah dogwood acres right?
Mommy: yea!
Mommy's Friend: yeah her granddaughter works there
i asked her if she knew stormy the sheltie
Mommy: that's great
random people know my dog
too funny
Mommy's Friend: its a small dog world

Who can resist me? No one! I turn on the sheltie cuteness and its impossible to resist me. I could even make the Grinch love me!

1 comment:

Simba said...

BOL!! that's a pawesome pic! YES! My mom gets that dogwalker takes me to a nice big conservation area during the on the weekends if mom takes me random people come up and know me! It always blows her mind!