Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Celebrity Sheltie?

I guess that means all the "chicks" will recognize me now...

I sent a letter to the local paper and next thing you know I'm the subject of an entire article! How cool is that?! I personally think its super way cool. Mom says she's working on linking it to my page here, so that all my friends can read it.

So what's up in my world? As mentioned in the article I won best dancing dog at the MRE's Dog Day Afternoon! Talk about a barking good time, but I can't take all the credit for my dancing skills... I learned them at Greenbelt Dog Training! Yup! I took obedience classes there (loved them too!) and once I graduated from basic obedience I started taking Canine Freesyle classes. You should try it sometime! Bark! Bark!

And... I found out that I won a ribbon in the Virtual Sheltie Show for a photo I submitted from the MRE Bridge Run! Check it out right here! I'm entered in a couple more classes in that show... so I'll keep you posted on the results!

The article also enlightened me to the fact that Maddie Cat is a gasp! CAT! Yipes! My sister is a cat! Wait a minute... I knew that... she just isn't a "catcatcat" so she's cool to hang out with, aside from being my big sister and all. The article asked if Maddie Cat joins me at my cat lookout post... as a matter of fact she does and I've got photographic proof! Here we are keeping watch over our domain from our lofty lookout perch... talk about an awesome team! Not much gets by us!

We even have a team uniform- black and white!

And For those of you who wanted You Tube Videos... You got 'em!

Maddie & I Wrestling...

Dancing Skills!

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