Thursday, May 31, 2007

I've been Furminated! I'm a sheltie, I shed a lot. Yea so I leave clumps of fur on the carpet sometimes, but so does the cat!! Mom has been doing some research on deshedding brushes... she bought a knockoff brand from Bed, Bath & Beyond last year to put in Maddie's Christmas stocking and it worked fairly well but not as well as she had hoped. Well she graduated to the Furminator- the original deshedding tool. It arrived in an box yesterday (they have the cheapest prices on Furminators & free shipping!) and Mom decided to try it out on me. In about 45 minutes we groomed a little over half my body and the picture below shows what we accomplished... Mom's happy and I'm happy because my coat is a bit lighter, cooler and a good bit more shiny! Bark! Bark!

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