Friday, November 10, 2006

Greenies, greenies what a wonderful treat!
They're a green toothbrush and their fun to eat!
The more I eat the better I feel, I should have Greenies for every meal!
Ya'll know you liked my poetry :o) But probably not as much as I love my Greenies, Mom started giving them to me to help clean my toothies and keep them peary white. I don't know how something that is green could keep my teeth white but they taste yummy delicious and so I think I'll play along.
I was a bit worried earlier this week when Mommy mentioned to Daddy that they had redesigned Greenies. I mean why change a good thing?! Then a free Greenies sample came in the mail and it was Mmmm! Mmmm! Good! Any difference in taste? Don't really think so. The shape is a bit different and they are a smidge chewier... Mom says thats for better teeth cleaning. That's nice and all but all I care about is taste and that didn't change, so its all good. I'll leave the Greenie designing up to the experts but because I always like to put in my two cents on subjects that affect me I would like to offer one piece of sheltie sensible advice: Play with the shape all you want but don't change the taste!
That being said, I'm feelin' a craving for a Greenie coming on right now....

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