Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Since our friend The Evolutionary Pyschologist posted her Christmas Wish List I felt the need to post mine. I certainly hope that Santa Paws will read this so that he will know what I want... I been such a good sheltie this year!

Shetland Sheep : Yes, the real critters. I am a sheepdog you know and how can I reach my full potential without sheep for me to herd? They are darn cute too, just like myself! A small herd would be nice, then I could practice my skills and wow the world with my herding prowess. The one small problem with this Christmas wish is that sheep aren't good condo dwellers and I don't know if Mommy and Daddy would be able to convince the condo board that the sheep would make better grass mowers than the landscapers that already work here... so I guess I would be willing to settle for one of these adorable plush sheepies.

Greenies: We all know what these are! I LOVE THEM!! I would bark with joy if a greenie or two found its way into my Christmas Stocking!

Chuck It Toys: They aren't just ball throwers any more! They have a line of plush Chuck It toys....and I think they are great! I already have two sizes of the non-plush chuck it squirrel but I would love to welcome the plush version to my toy basket! The boomerang looks totally awesome too!

Tug Toys: I love to play tug, so if its a toy that says you can play tug with it then I am all about it! Bring 'em on!

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