Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Welcome to my blog! To get this party started I thought I would offer my sheltie views on the topic of rainfall, most importantly to cruel manner in which us dogs are made to walk out in the rain. Our owners justify it by saying us dogs are bred to do it... well one day all Newfies, Labradors and Shelties will unite and there will be no more going out in the rain- at least without an umbrella :o)

All kidding aside, dog owners don't assume we like the rain just cause our relatives way, way back when liked it... maybe they didn't have a choice in the matter! I heard the first shelties were left on the islands along with the sheep and left to fend for themselves and forage for food. Oh the drama! I wouldn't survive without my Greenies! Besides, as I responded to a post regarding my friend Katy the Newfie's dislike of rain, we much prefer playing in people bath water (but not taking a bath!) to rain drops that go pitter patter on our heads! I myself prefer to spend rainy days cuddled up on Daddy's side of the bed, head propped on his pillow snoozing....

Then again, there are those days when its misting rain and a breeze ruffles my fur and I strike my regal sheltie pose and pretend I am doing what shelties were bred to do... standing guard over the flocks of Shetland Sheep. I sniff the air, scan the horizon... and madly chase a plane that is attempting to land in our condo complex, not a single one has invaded our territory since I've arrived! Mommy and Daddy don't know what they are talking about when they say those planes are making their approach to BWI Airport... thats just something designed to fool people. Us shelties know whats up and those planes ain't landing when I'm on watch! And all the while the parentals stand out in the drizzly rain and get soaked (can you say payback for puppy days? hehe)

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