Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My parents are currently very proud of themselves for 'winning' Battle Cat Food... Mom has even taken the chance to tell the world on her blog.... But I am posting to let them know that they may have won the fight but they haven't won the war... I still have some trickery sheltie moves up my sleeves and I have plenty of time at Dogwood Acres to discuss plans of attack with my fellow doggie friends... you haven't heard the last from me! You've been warned!
*love you mom and dad!* :o)
I have a busy week coming up, I am having my photos done on Friday! Mom also says I am getting a bath that day... ewww!!! But I will be sure to smile pretty for the camera, and maybe even come up with another awesome photo to put on my profile. We shall see. But I will make sure that my photo appears front and center in our Christmas cards... so be on the lookout for them! I KNOW they will be in there because how could my parents exclude such a beautiful boy like me from the cards?? hmmm? That's right! They can't cause I am too cute!

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