Monday, July 02, 2007

Hey ya'll!

Haven't typed in a while, my paws have been busy busy!! We've been having some nice summer weather here in Maryland lately and I'm loving it! Yea we've had a good bit of the searing heat that this sheltie HATES but we have also had quite a few nights where it gets nice n cool and we can sleep with the windows open. Ahhh...

Well, the month of July has arrived and it's shaping up to be a busy sheltie month! Ok, so a lot of months are busy sheltie months but this one is special because I have a dog show coming up! Bark! Bark! The county fair in the Great KC is later this month and Mom entered me in showmanship and sub novice obedience. Sub- novice? I am so not sub-novice! But Mom reminded me what happened last time I was on the fairgrounds (I was afraid of the pigs...) and she said that she would rather have me do all on leash stuff this go round. Ok, so I see her point. And for the record I wasn't all that scared of the pigs... I just don't like the idea of ham on the hoof... I much prefer it on my plate!

Speaking of other funness... I am featured on my breeder's homepage! Fun stuff I say! AND... when you check out Diamond Hill's Kennel you'll also get to see my brother Tyler. We don't look alike at all... but you can tell we're brothers because of our floppy tongues! Wonder what it would be like if we ever met up with each other at the dog park... think he would remember me? While you are visiting their site check out my Dad... his name is Jordan and he looks like me! Or do I look like him? But if you scroll down to his pedigree you will see who I most look like... my grandad- Soccer (or shall I say Ch Oak Crest A Kick In The Grass?)!

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