Thursday, July 12, 2007

Attacked by a cat... oh the shame!!! What's a sheltie to do when he is so embarassed??! My sister beat me up last night and I don't exactly know why... she just up and jumped on me!! At least she wasn't making the "Maddie Death Noise" that she uses when she goes after my friend Cujo. That's when you know she really means business!! She may look all innocent in her pictures but she's a B-A-D kitty!!
The fam was hanging out in the living room and Maddie got her deranged look and pounced on me... so I went and hid under the kitchen table AND SHE FOLLOWED ME!! So I naturally did what any brave dog would do... I hid behind my Mommy. But Maddie was relentless in her pursuit... Mom and Dad didn't help much, they were laughing the entire time. It wasn't a laughing matter, this was serious drama! I mean what if the other dogs find out about this! This could be seriously damaging to my sheltie reputation. I mean this could jeopardize my cat-cat-cat patrols in the parking lot! Gasp! Those cats might find out and not be scared of me! Oh- that would be so not cool. Not cool at all.

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