Friday, July 27, 2007

Dogwood Acres held a Petlane Pet Party last night, so not only did I get to spend extra time at daycare, I got to play with some AWESOME new stuff! The best part was the party lady spread all the toys out in a big pile on the floor and my daycare buddies and I got to sniff through them and pick what we wanted!

I convinced Mommy to buy me all sorts of stuff, cause what this sheltie wants he gets :o) Not that I am spoiled or anything. I got this neat tree trunk that these little stuffies squirrels hide in- its my job to get them out! Can't wait to go after those sneaky little guys! Then she got me a Thinga Majig, seriously they called it a Thing-a-Majig! Its this rubber ball thing with all these crazy curls when you throw it it bounces in all sorts of crazy directions. Perfect sheltie toy! And last but not least she got me an everlasting treat ball- Mmmm this is the first thing I pulled from the pile of doggie stuff. It's part rubber for chewing, part treat for licking like a lollipop! Yum! Yum!

Mom also bought some stuff for Maddie Cat- I'm sure I'll get to play with it too!

Know what else they had there? Those doggie licenses I have been wanting... hint hint Mommy!!

Note from Stormy's Mom: The Petlane Stuff was super cool and all vet tested and approved. Nothing goes into the catalog without being thoroughly tested by the company. It was seriously tempting to buy the whole book!

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