Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The thermometer hit 100 degrees yesterday and was supposed to hit close to 100 again today though this time with the addition of humidity. Blehck!!! I'm hoping doggie daycare will set out a pool for us to play in, thats GREAT fun! My human cousins Christopher & Dylan got their very own plastic pool yesterday. My Mom-Mom bought it for them and almost had to buy one from Petsmart because almost no store in her town stocked the actual kiddie ones. Shows how loved us doggies are, store stock pools for us but don't have any for the human kiddies.
My Uncle Diesel has his own pool too... here's a pic of me from the past, staring into Uncle Diesel's pool wishing my little sheltie legs would let me hop in...
All this pool ownership has me thinking that I should get my own pool... I'd only need a small one, I bet I could find one that would fit on the deck of our condo. Then our building would have a regular water park, there's the big community pool (no dogs allowed though...boo!), our downstairs neighbor's hot tub and my wading pool. How cool would that be??!! I would even share it with the Maddie Cat... I bet she'd like a pool too! (Note from Stormy's Mom: Stormy isn't going to get a pool, that's what we purchased the season pass to the doggie beach/park for... And despite Stormy's argument I'm 100% sure that Maddie Cat is not interested in a wading pool).

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