Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Whitehaven post! This place was too much fun! I wanted to detail more of what I got into this past weekend, cause I know you all are just PANTING with anticipation over what I am going to say. First of all, we took TWO, count them TWO, kayaking adventures. The first was a bit tougher than the second seeing as how my superior sheltie navigation skills coupled with Pop's insatiable need for photos led Mom and I to run aground in the marsh muck. We were weren't stuck stuck just a bit jammed up because when Mom tried to push away from the shore the muck tried to swallow her paddle. Yipes! But all was well in the end and we had a good time. Here's another kayaking pic, this time Mom and I are navigating what remains of Whitehaven's Cannery. It was washed away by a hurricane.

Seeing as how it is back to school time, Pops and I took an early morning walk to visit the Whitehaven School. It looks a lot different than my school! In fact I'm not even sure if they use it anymore. I didn't catch a single whiff of crayons and construction paper so I can almost say without a doubt that it isn't used for teaching preschoolers! My Mom-Mom teaches at a pre-school and I get to visit sometimes. There are always good smells there, and they have a bunny rabbit. They don't let me play with the bunny though. I have to sit nicely and show the little ones what a well behaved dog I am. Once I even got to go hang out in the classroom for Fourth Graders while Mom chatted with one of her old teachers. His classroom was fun and he had lots of TERPS stuff posted but I missed all the smells and crumbs that came with the preschool classroom.

In a nod to my Newfy friends I just had to pose with the Whitehaven Ferry safety ring. Mom, Pops and I rode the Ferry across the river the last morning we were in Whitehaven. It's a neat little ferry, it carries three cars at a time back and forth across the river. It's free to everyone, but just make sure you get there before it closes for the evening else you will make a long trip for nothing- except for the chance to catch a glimpse of Whitehaven. It's neat to watch it go back and forth, but I wouldn't want to be the driver. I think it would get boring after a while just going back and forth in a straight line.

I also learned ferry lingo this weekend. The phrase of the day was "run the line." The Whitehaven Ferry runs on a cable that lies below the water, the cable keeps it from drifting down river (kinda like how us shelties keep the sheep moving in the right direction!) Well there are some people out on the river who do not respect that the ferry has the "right of way" and they will zoom up and "run the line" to try to get by before the ferry crosses in front of them. The danger with this is that sometimes their boat propeller can catch on the cable. Somethings gotta give at that point and either the cable breaks and the ferry floats away (VERY bad news) or the prop on the boat breaks and those silly people got what they deserved and are dead in the water. Today's lesson- When boating in Whitehaven don't run the line!!!

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