Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Beat the heat!

It's scorching hot around here! Has been for the last few days...The high today is something like 101 degrees! Yipes! This sheltie is hanging out in the shade as much as possible. At daycare I have a special shady spot under the stairs... just for me to keep cool, definitely will be using that today. And, this evening I'll be able to take a dip in the doggie pool at my grandparents' house, Mom even mentioned going kayaking!! Bark! Bark! I LOVE boating! I'm the captain of the ship. I just lack the spiffy Captains hat, but thats not too much of a loss since I'm not a hat wearing kinda guy. I prefer bandannas... I think they make me look handsome.

Alrighty gotta jet, we are headed to The Great KC and I have to mentally prepare myself for the journey cause the AC in Mom's car died! We are taking it home to be fixed... what is it with AC this year? Our condo's AC died a couple of weeks ago... Bottom line its gonna be a hot ride... I am so making Mom stop and by me an ice water from Chick-fil-A :o)

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fee said...

yes, you definitely need lots of ice water ... and maybe a mini handheld fan for the journey to the great kc!

i hope you'll have lots of fun!

fee (sunny singapore)
ps: does your mad meow sister sit by the tap waiting to box the little droplets of water every day? she's crazy but she's cute!