Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mommy always tells me that I need to find a job besides going to daycare and keeping Maddie in line. My standard response is "Well I looked and there just isn't anything out there for us shelties except chasing cat cat cats and well, they won't pay me for that no matter how cute I am."

She just shakes her head. My sheltie friends Darby and Joey are also looking for work. Darby has been looking for YEARS with no luck, he reads the Help Wanted ads everyday and everyday he walks away sad because no one wants to hire a sheltie. We are smart doggies you know and dedicated and cute too!

Well there may be help for us sheltie job seekers after all, I saw this article from Florida about three racing greyhounds who found a job working for Adverdog. Basically they are hired by the hour to go socialize at special events and grand openings. They have spiffy outfits that have little pockets that hold the business cards that they hand out. I don't know about the outfit part but I would love being paid to be petted!! I could even whip out my super spiffy sheltie tricks like spins and rolling over. And I could make money to buy more Greenies! It's a win-win situation. How do I sign up??

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Simba said...

Tell me about it! I get that all the time: Sim, you need a J.O.B!

Don't they know being cute is a full-time job!!???