Thursday, August 23, 2007


This hit a little too close to home... this is not far from where Buttercup used to live!! Mommy said pass this info along so hopefully this little girl can get her horse back.

On August 20 Nick was stolen from his pasture in Fair Hill, Maryland. His owner went to bring him to the barn because the farrier was coming. All gates were closed and secured, and he was no where to be seen. No fences were down, and there was no way for him to have gone over the fence since he limped due to arthritis.

Nick is old, 28 years old, arthritic and swaybacked (that means his back dips down low, like a valley behind his shoulders, instead of being level).

His theft was reported to the Local Sheriff's Department and also to NetPosse. NetPosse is an organization that Mommy is a member of that is dedicated to bringing stolen/missing horses back home. NetPosse issued an 'Idaho Alert' to the equine community (its similar to an Amber Alert for missing children) and has created a flier for Nick, so if you are in the MD/PA/VA area, PLEASE print out this flier and post it in "horsey places". Mom says Nick could be ANYWHERE.

For more information about Nick and a link to his printable flier in .pdf form, visit his NetPosse webpage (Nick's NetPosse Page).

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