Sunday, August 26, 2007

Greetings from Whitehaven!!

That's where Mom, Pops and I spent the weekend! Here I am posing next to the sign at the entrance to town. We stayed at this really awesome bed and breakfast called the Whitehaven Hotel. They allow doggies to come and stay in their Lincoln bedroom. It was really super cool. The hotel is located right on the water. It's a small town with only 20 or so residents but there was still adventuresome stuff for my sheltie self to get into!

First off one of the employees has a sheltie, a GIRL sheltie. Her name is Penny and you know what. She is the all the awesomer because she is tri colored too! How cool is that?! The only thing that kept us from being twins was that Penny has a lot less white than me and she doesn't enjoy playing ball or fetch. Guess thats cause she's a girl. But that's okay, at least she didn't give me any girl cooties or anything. That would have been TRAGIC. Penny and I were supposed to have a date on Saturday evening, you know wandering the woodlands watching the sunset but Mom and Dad had to go and stuff themselves at this place called The Red Roost and I missed my date. Oh drat. I'll have to keep in touch and hopefully she'll talk to me next time we meet...
But the weekend wasn't all about meeting the ladies. It was also about BOATING! Whitehaven is located right on the river and the hotel has three kayaks that guests can take out anytime they want. Here I am captaining my own ship on the mighty river. And don't worry, I was a safe boater and wore my lifejacket. It was great fun on the river, we saw fish jumping and we saw a Great Blue Heron along the shoreline. One of the employees said they nest along the shore. We didn't see any nests, but thats okay because Mom says we shouldn't disturb wildlife. I agree. Mom and Pops saw this neat little picture that sums it all up- Take only pictures... leave only footprints. That's what we try to remember on all of our trips. You should too!

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