Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I was chased by a Chicken Nugget!

No it wasn't a bad dream, it really happened! While in The Great KC I met up with Chicken Nugget the Miniature Horse and French Fry the pygmy goat. French Fry was cool, Chicken Nugget... well let's just say we had a good game of chase going and I WAS NOT the one doing the chasing!! In fact she ran me right up on the porch and underneath some chairs! Then when Mommy stopped laughing (why would she think a pony chasing me is so funny?!) and tried to let me in the house Chicken Nugget tried to follow me inside!!! When I made it inside she stomped her foot at me. How rude!

I'm looking forward to a rematch. I can't believe she didn't respect my authority!

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